Board the ferry with the Green Pass Covid19

Always carry your Green Pass Covid19 with you

From 1st of September, all passengers over the age of 12 must meet the requirements for the Italian Green Pass Covid19 in order to board.

All information and FAQs can be found on the official website of the Italian government: and here: 

  What does the Italian Green Pass Covid19 require?  

Please inform yourself here:

Travel safely!

  When must compliance with the Green Pass Covid19 requirements be demonstrated on the vessel?  

Have your negative test result, proof of recovery or vaccination certificate in digital or paper form together with your ferry ticket and a valid identification document ready when boarding.

Travel safely!

  Is the Green Pass Covid19 mandatory for all destinations?  

The Green Pass Covid19 is mandatory for interregional traffic and is therefore required for embarkation from and to Sardinia and Sicily.

Please inform yourself here: and here: