The Company

Tirrenia, today the Italian Navigation Company (CIN) is one of the leading shipping companies in the shipping sector in Italy.

Tirrenia connects with cargo and passenger ships important Italian ports and ports of the Mediterranean Sea throughout the whole year.

Discover our Sardinia and Sicily routes.

Tirrenia, to meet the customers’ needs in the best possible way and to provide a journey dictated by relax and fun, pays particular attention to the prices and to the entertainment. The best prices for the whole year, special promotions, hospitality, variety and quality of services, the staff’s constant support, represent the identity and values of Tirrenia. The new Tirrenia ship services are designed according to the needs of the individual period and the different customers, so that we can offer a service that remains competitive in the different periods of the year.

Inspections and spot checks regulate the hotel standards and the quality of services that are offered on board.

Anonymous market researches (mystery passenger) have the objective to verify periodically that the quality of the service provided meets the company’s and the customers’ expectations.


To offer customers an efficient service thanks to the ubiquity and frequency of the routes and the high quality standards based on a modern fleet and on the completeness of the offer.


To represent a style of modern navigation, preserving the values and the experience of a long and prestigious maritime tradition.

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