Passengers with reduced mobility

Facilities, services and subsities at the service of disabled passengers

As a person with reduced mobilitypeople are considered whose mobility got reduced by:

    • phylical disability (sensoric, motoric; permanent or temporary)
    • mental disability
    • pregnancy
    • person with reduced mobility due to their age

Tirrenia makes an effort to adjust it's services according to the specific needs of passengers with reduced mobility. The purchase of a ticket with the note of a disability justifies a privileged embarkation of the passengers as well as their vehicle. There will be reserved seats for handicapped persons in public areas on board. For blind passengers the enterprise grants free transport of an accomanying person.

If a passenger relies on assistance or medical care during the ferry ride, he has the possabilty to indicate his needs while making his reservation so that we can inform the staff members on deck (due to the Decreto 968 del 13 ottobre 1999).

In order to grant medical care in an emergency, the passenger is obleagued to submit a complete medical certification issued by a sanitary institution of the state that attests the pathology, the necessary treatment of and consents to the ability of travelling by sea.

Passengers that can only be transported by stretcher have to be accompanyed by minimum one qualified assistant.

Tirrenia demands a medical certification that certifies the ability of travelling from:

    • passengers withserious diseases
    • women in theirlast month of pregnancy
    • women whose birth giving is expected within the next4 weeks.
    • pregnancies with confirmed medical complications

or pregnancy of twins

However, it is not recommended to travel 7 days prior to or after the birth or in danger of a premature birth or other complcations.

All medical certifications shall be issued within 48 h before departure.


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