Company/Transport Company: Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione S.p.A.      

  • Via Larga 26 CAP 20122 MILANO (place of jurisdiction)
  • Piazzale dei Marmi 12 CAP 57123 Livorno (operative and administrative seat)

Usually, the contractual Transport Company is the maritime transport company. The vessel used for transport may be owned by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione S.p.A. or belong to the fleet of another executing transport company.

Executing Transport Company: a company other than the contractual Transport Company that executes effective transport in whole or in part.

Passenger: any person who concluded a personal maritime transport contract and therefore owns a ticket issued by Transport Company through its direct sales channels (ticket counter, internet) and/or indirect sales channels (authorised travel agencies) and travels on Transport Company’s vessels.

Vehicle: any vehicle transported on behalf of the passenger that is not intended for transportation of freight. The definition “vehicle” also includes any trailers and/or caravans, even though a different fare will be charged for these due to increased space requirement. Not included in this category are vehicles that are intended for commercial purposes (refrigerated vehicles, transporters exceeding a length of 6 m, lorries); these are subject to the standards for transport of goods in accordance with art. 419 et seqq. Codice della Navigazione (Italian Navigation Act).

Ticket: transport document that constitutes proof of conclusion of the transport contract or, where applicable, a travel ticket in accordance with ex art. 396 Codice della Navigazione (Italian Navigation Act).

Luggage: hand luggage that is not registered and/or stored in the private vehicle parked in the vessel’s garage and only contains passengers’ personal belongings.

Company shall transport passengers, luggage and corresponding vehicles in accordance with the General Transport Conditions set out below, the provisions of art. 396 et seqq. Codice della Navigazione (Italian Navigation Act), the regulation (EU) 1177/2010 and, where applicable, the regulation (CE) 392/2009. The aforementioned rules and standards are available for inspection on board the vessels, in the ticket offices in ports and on the premises of Company and may also be accessed online ( A summary of the conditions that regulate transport by Company’s vessels is also provided on the ticket. Information on the rights of passengers in accordance with the regulation (EU) 1177/2010, which is based on the “Mobility Charter”, is available on board the vessels, in the ticket offices in ports and on the premises of Company and may also be accessed online ( The General Transport Conditions are subject to amendments and changes in order to adjust them to applicable regulations. The valid wording of the General Transport Conditions that defines the contract terms is available on the website of Company (
Purchase of a ticket by the passenger constitutes unconditional and legally effective consent to the General Transport Conditions for passengers and transported vehicles as set out below. Additionally, by booking and/or purchasing the ticket, the passenger agrees to the processing of personal details in accordance with the modalities set out in the information leaflet on data protection (available online at in accordance with the decree-law 196/2003.