Safety on Board

With Tirrenia travel safely, enjoy the ride in total tranquility!

Travelling on board of Tirrenia ships isn't only pleasant but safe as well. How can we guarantee the security on board?

The staff of Tirrenia is certificated and visits training courses regularly to refresh their ability to react to all kinds of emergencies. The trainings aim to facilitate compliance with regulations and security prescriptions. The Tirrenia staff also makes sure that all passengers act properly in public areas. We guarantee you security in your cabin as well: all entrances have magnetic locks.

But a save voyage on board of Tirrenia ships also depends on you. Please pay attention to the security video that is shown on the board TVs in pubilc areas. This will give you information on how to behave in emergeny situtations.

For a responsible and respectful behavior on board, please follow these simple rules:

  • Don´t enter rooms that are for staff's purpose only.
  • Leave the garage right after parking your car. There is no access to the parking garage during the ferry ride. This area is constantly monitored by security cameras.
  • All articles of value can be looked in safes for free. You find safes in the purser's office on all passenger ships of Tirrenia.

Did you forget something on board? The objects found on board after debarkation get stored temporarily into the purser's office. You can pick them up on the same day before the ship departs again. Within the next 10 days lost and found items are stored at the tirrenian port office in the arrival harbour. You also have the option to ask the port office for your lost idems with a contact form online, by clicking onto “oggetti smarriti”.