Safety standards and certifications

The Tirrenia ferry safety meant as both "safety" and "security" is guaranteed by the crew’s levels of training and education, by the several certifications that are issued as a result of regular visits by the Harbour Offices and by the Italian Naval Register. The crews and security services on board Tirrenia ferries are periodically subjected to a lot of tests that prove the ability to cope with any type of emergency, moreover training courses dedicated to seafarers have been started with the aim of improving the observance of the safety procedures. All our ferries are equipped with a number of certifications; the standards, that the ships and the crews must meet to obtain the certificates that allow the commercial navigation, come from the IMO (International Maritime Organization - UNO body that needs to lay down rules about maritime safety), from the European Community, from national laws and regulations and from regulations of the classification of Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Naval Register).
The main certificates each Tirrenia ferry is provided with are:

  • Class Certificate
  • Passengers transport safety Certificate
  • Certificate by Dlgs 28/01
  • Security Certificate
  • Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
  • On-board services Certificate
  • Certification of safety management called DOC (Document of Compliance).

has also taken every possible measure to ensure the traveler’s personal and property safety:

  • passengers are not permitted to enter on board areas that are not assigned to them, nor to stay in the garage and/or to access it while travelling
  • the access door of each passenger cabin is equipped with a magnetic lock
  • the ship’s crew shall supervise the proper conduct of the travelers who stay on in the halls, lounges or other common areas reserved to them
  • the garage areas are monitored by a closed circuit camera system
  • a free service of "safekeeping" with safe-deposit boxes is available on board ferries with passenger cabins
  • an automated procedure for the temporary custody of forgotten and found on board objects, aimed at the restitution, where possible, to their rightful owners, is working.

You can help us: watch the film clip, which is transmitted by the on board monitors, about on board safety equipment and the correct behavior to adopt in case of need.