Travelling with your pets


Traveling with domestic animals can be stressful because of crowded areas and extraordinary situations. The Tirrenia ships are equipped in the way to guarantee you and your pet a safe and comfortable voyage.

Company allows the passenger to travel with pets if a corresponding ticket is purchased for their transport and a prove of rabies vaccination (where necessary) and a valid vaccination record can be presented.

Public areas

Dogs may move, always kept by the owners, on the outside decks of the ship and in public spaces. They are not allowed in common areas, armchair halls, and any halls intended for passengers.

If you like to keep your pet at your side at all time you have the chance to book a special cabin for domestic animals . The cabin's floor is made out of linoleum, that is easy to clean, to provide our passengers a hygienic enviroment. Every cabin is equipped with an anti odor mat. There are maximum 3 animals allowed in one cabin.

How to book these special cabins? You can choose these kinds of cabins on the cabin list with the note ANIMALS ALLOWED. Dog's luggage

Remeber to pack all essential items for your pet

    • vaccination certificate
    • enough food
    • bowls
    • muzzle and leash
    • scoop and toilet bags

Proper behavior

If you travel with a dog please follow some simple rules to fulfill your dog's needs and to respect the other passengers. These are our advices:

    • Don't leave your dog unattended, not even in the cabin
    • Use the toilet bags to clean up after your dog
    • Keep your dog on the leash at all time and put on a it's muzzle if needed.
    • If your dog barks or whines, pay attention to your dog to calm him down and make him feel safe.

Offersfor everyone

Children Special

for Children

Special offer for kids: free travel for children under four years old and 50% off for children from age four years but not yet 12.
Group discount

Group discount

Offers reserved for groups offer you the possibility to take advantage of numerous discounts and benefits.