Maximum Rates and Regulations

The following rates are the maximum ones applicable to users, based on the provisions of the Convention for the exercise of the maritime connections in the system of public service, signed in July 18th 2012.
The current rates (which does not exceed the maximum ones shown in the tables below) are highlighted in the "quote/purchase" section of the home page according to the selected destinations and accommodations.
The maximum rates apply to the following shipping links that operate in the public service:

A) Passengers and freight shipping links:

• Naples-Cagliari
• Cagliari-Palermo
• Civitavecchia-Cagliari-Arbatax
• Termoli-Tremiti

B) Goods shipping links:

    • Ravenna- Brindisi – Catania
    • Livorno – Cagliari

Note 1: for these links the conventional scheme will be limited to the months from January to May and from October to December.
The maximum rates indicated below are inclusive of the booking and reservation fees and of the bunker surcharges and they are net of the added tax value, port charges and any other compulsory additional taxes.
These rates are per person or vehicle per route, except for caravans, buses, trailers, full or empty commercial vehicles, or other similar vehicles.
For these vehicles the fare varies according to the space they occupy (the fractions greater than or equal to 25 cm. round off to the higher half metre, while those ones less than 25 cm. round off to the lower half metre).

Download highest convention rates