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Tunisia, whatever your interest is, from the Franco-Arab culture collage of Tunis to the boundless expanses of  the Sahara,  will amaze you, just as only the land of Africa can do. Its name, Tunus, originates from the Berber language, and it means promontory, or, more likely, "place to spend the night".

Tunisia has about 1.300 km of easily accessible coastline and 40% of its area is occupied by the Sahara desert. Although the majority (about 98%) of the Tunisian population speaks Arabic and is identified in the Arab culture, genetic analysis, conducted among Berber and Arabic-speaking peoples of Tunisia and North Africa, have shown that the mass of the population is ethnic Berber even if Arabized. Another part of the population is of Jewish origin, concentrated mostly in Tunis and on the island of Djerba.

Tunisia, with its picturesque and ancient towns is an interesting destination from a naturalistic, historical and cultural point of view: Tunis, the capital, Carthage, the fertile peninsula called Cap Bon, the Roman ruins of Dougga. The most popular places are Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse (Susa), where there are a lot of villages with entertainment, the Sahara Desert in the south and archaeological sites such as Carthage, El Djem, Boulla Palace or Dougga.