Traveling while pregnant

Going on vacation with a pregnant belly is safe and convenient

Is it possible to travel by ferry during pregnancy? Dear mothers, no worries. Travelling on board of ships or ferries don´t cause any objection neither to you nor to the unborn. In the opposite, it is one of the safest and most comfortable ways of transportation, especially long distance crossings. It is important that you travel prepared and respect some arrangements so that everyone can start their travel relaxed.

We remind you that all ships of Tirrenian provide access to a doctor during the entire ferry ride. He will help you in case of disorders.



Please consult your gynecologist and inform him about your travel plans before departure. After the medical examination he will establish your medical condition.

From the 6th month of pregancy you need a medical certification issued within 48h before departure to get embarked. This medical certification will be valid for the outbound as well as for the return.

The certificate of non-objection determines your ability to travel and is obligatory for:

  • Women intheir last month of pregnancy
  • Women whose birth giving is expected within the next 4 weeks
  • Pregnancies withconfirmed medical complications
  • Pregnancies with twins

However, it is not recommended to travel 7 days prior to or after the birth or in danger of a premature birth.

Take all documents related to your pregnancy with you so that the board doctor has all necessary information in case of urgency to react in the right way.

During departure Tirrenia offers priority as pregnant women are regarded as, passengers with reduced mobility..



Expectant mothers benefit from more moving space on the ship in contrast to any other form of transportation like cars, trains or planes. Furthermore there aren't any risks of strong vibrations or pushes. Open decks invite to go for a walk. Walkinghas a positive influence on cirkulation and helps to minimize the most common grievances like swollen legs. If you get tired you can relax on a reclining seat. For long trips, like an overnight crossing, we recommend to book a cabin to have a better rest .

If you are in the early months of pregnancy and suffer from nausea, you can relieve symptoms with small snacks of dry foods, such as crackers, dry biscuits or rusks. Drink a lot to stay hydrated, especially when travelling in summer.

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Specials for Children

Specials for Children

Special offer for children: children up to 4 years of age are entitled to a free upgrade if they do not have accommodation, and a discount of 50% on rates if you occupy accommodation.
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