25% discount

With each MOBY or TIRRENIA ticket you receive a discount voucher for your next crossing.

With each TIRRENIA ticket you receive a discount voucher for your next crossing.

For every ticket purchased for departures TIRRENIA until 31.12.2017, TIRRENIA will give you a 25% discount voucher to use for a next departure.
The discount voucher is valid on all TIRRENIA routes.

All customers purchasing a TIRRENIA ticket from January 09th – September 30th 2017 for crossing over by TIRRENIA for departures until 31.12.2017 to Sardinia, Sicily and Tremiti (for return tickets, both crossings must be departures until 31.12.2017), get a voucher in Euro of 25% of the ticket value of this booking (apart from taxes, surcharges and other costs).

Rules of validity:

  • The value of the discount voucher is calculated on the original ticket price and does not include subsequent modifications.
  • The voucher is valid from the third day after booking on, for departures until the end of the year, and only for crossings after the departures generating the voucher, as long as therefore dedicated places are available.
  • The discount voucher may only be used on new bookings whose price (net of taxes, duties and fees) is the same or higher than the value of the discount voucher.
  • If the ticket that gave rise to the discount voucher is cancelled then the discount code will automatically become invalid.
  • The discount voucher may be used exclusively to obtain a reduction on a TIRRENIA new ticket and cannot be used on a modified booking.
  • A voucher out of a booking for a TIRRENIA departure can apply only
    for a TIRRENIA departure.
  • The offer is not retroactive.
  • The voucher can get applied on each following booking for all routs of TIRRENIA as long as places for this promotion on the departures therefor foreseen are available.
  • Tickets issued with a special convention rate or sold through another ticket vendor do not generate a discounted voucher.
  • The voucher is combinable with all TIRRENIA special rates but not with other tickets and reductions, vouchers or offers of other suppliers combinable.



Sardinia, Sicily and Tremiti