Rates for residents in Sardinia and Sicily

Reduced fares for inhabitants of Sardinia and Sicily

The reduced fares automatically listed by the booking system are available to all persons that can provide corresponding documentation to prove that they are residents of the island to or from which they are travelling.

Reduced fares for emigrated Sardinians: the same tariffs are valid for inhabitants, but only on routes from and to Sardinia, born Sardinians having their first residence outside the region Sardinia and work there as employees as well as relatives living in the same household as the born Sardinian.

Rules of validity:

The reduced tariff is applicable exclusively for vehicles licensed by the resident or native citizen. On routes from and to Sardinia only, reduced fares for inhabitants of Sardinia are also available for persons born on Sardinia who reside in another region where they are employed as employees as well as for their family members who live in the same household as the person born on Sardinia.
For being able to use advantages for inhabitants and natives passengers must present at purchase of the ticket and the food a valid document of identification emerging the right on the reductions. If the relating documentation is missing, it´s not possible to book a ticket with the rate “residenti, nativi ” but it must be acquired a ticket at full fare. Tickets on “residenti and natives” tariff cannot be refunded. If such a ticket is booked in combination with a special fare, a refund does not happen as well.
Is the travel effected together with spouses and / or living partners and / or their children and / or depending children, the discount is granted by presenting of the document “stato di famiglia”. Do the spouses and / or living partners and children travel in absence of the person that entitles for the purchase of a
ticket with the discount “residenti o nativi”, a copy of an identification document of the claimant or a document showing the marital status must be enclosed.
If you choose a promotion (eg. Best Offer) remember that these tariffs are subject to limitations: see general conditions point 7– SPECIAL OFFERS – RESTRICTIONS.