1) Requirements and Settings

- Browser: Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher), Firefox, Chrome, Safari;
- Plug-in: flash player;
- Pop-up: pop-up blocker disabled;
- Display: 1024x768 or higher resolution recommended;
- Other: Adobe Reader 6 or higher.

2) On line Booking is safe?

Safe purchase is granted by supplied security policies. The payment is managed by Banca Antonveneta: your credit card data are encrypted and then sent from your computer to the banking Payment Gateway and they cannot be intercepted. To create this encrypted channel, the banking Payment Gateway employs a SSL3 certificate at 128 bit, released by Verisign, the leading world certification authority. Moreover, this site has an agreement with Verified by Visa and with Secure Code, security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard respectively. If your credit card is certified by one of these international banking circuits, upon payment you are required to enter your password; with this system your bank can identify you unmistakably. However, should you not own a certified credit card, you can purchase on line and the described security criteria will apply. Furthermore, a constant check: American Express, for instance, presently permits purchasing on this site with Italian cards only.

Prepaid cards
Before performing purchase procedure, make sure that the card is enabled for Internet operations.

3) Is online purchase expensive?

Online purchase involves for each trip a cost of € 5 in order to cover issuance costs.


4) When can I buy online?

Tickets can be purchased online up to 2 hours before departure.


5) Can I purchase any kind of accommodation ?

Yes, you can book / buy online any accommodation: cabin, seats, and also deck passages (exclusively boarding without fixed accommodation is entitled).


6) I am entitled to the “Resident” fare: can I print the ticket at home ?

Unfortunately not, as it is required to provide identification card proving the duty to apply special fare. So you'll be requested to collect the ticket at the boarding port or at any other Tirrenia office, prior valid identification proving the above.
Concerning resident rates, please note that these are always guaranteed only to those who are entitled, Special fares access on certain routes during summer (with no restrictions), is possible anyway when cheaper.


7) Is the ticket purchased on line valid as an invoice ?

Yes, if you fill out the dedicated form upon checkout.


8) Passengers names and car plate number must be accurate?

Yes. In order of execution of security regularities, the names of the passengers, the data referring the valid ID card as well as label and model and license plate of the vehicle indicated on the ticket necessarily must correspond to passengers and vehicles asking for embarkation. This not given, the entrance to the port and embarkation get refused.


9) I must change the data of my online purchased ticket (e. g. date of departure, car model etc.): How does it work?

It is possible to modify your ticket online. Go please onto the homepage tirrenia - click onto MY TICKET: here you click onto modify your ticket and then follow the respective instructions. In case you have a right on a refund, the credit card used for booking gets credited.


10) I want to cancel a ticket purchased online: how does that work? How happens the refund?

Go onto the homepage – select out of the field CONTACT the option Call Center and follow the instructions. You can perform the cancellation and the respective refund exclusively for online purchased tickets and only before the departure, in fact directly on the homepage tirrenia on MY TICKET: then you click onto Cancel your ticket by entering your reservation code (ticket number) and your control code. For cancellations and the belonging to refund of tickets payed by Unicredit, an email with request on cancellation and refund must get sent to bigliettionline@tirrenia.it.

Requirement for a refund is the sending of a cancellation command for the ticket before the booked departure.

Alternatively you can reach us by Mail to info@tirrenia.de within the published service hours.
The amounts to refund can get reimbursed as follows:

a) if payed by credit card the refund happens automatically within the period foreseen by the credit institute onto the credit card used for the booking. On prepayed credit cards usually this happens at the next chargement of the credit card;
b) on payments by Unicredit Pagonline we order refund within few days, the credit gets effected dependin on the banc society within 15 - 20 days. Verify the transaction of the credit please by your banc society.


Resigns the passenger from his travel he has a right on refund of the ticket (with exemption of tickets with special tariffs following Art. 10 of the general terms of transport), less the following cancellation fees:

  • 10 % at cancellation up to the day of departure of the ship;
  • 25 % at cancellation on the day of departure, always latest before the regual departure of the ship.

The WEB-fees generally aren´t refundable.

The right of passengers cancelled on refund declines 6 month after the originally planned departure.


11) Obligued to cancel a ticket, how can I get back the emerging cancellation fees?

Go onto the homepage – select out of the field CONTACT the option Call Center and follow the instructions or alternatively send an e-mail to bigliettionline@tirrenia.it in order to ask for cancellation and refund.

We recommend together with the ticket purchase to book a travel cancellation insurance. If on the part of the insurance the reason for cancellation justifys a refund, you can get back the emerged cancellation fees. For further information, please click onto SERVICES and INSURANCE.


12) What kind of insurance is that?

Together with Hanse Merkur, tirrenia has worked out a travelling cancellation insurance foreseeing a refund of cancellation fees in cases unforeseeable. You can purchase it together with the ticket. For further information, please click onto SERVICES and INSURANCE.


13) Where do I find the general terms of transport?

The general terms of transport you can read on different subpages of the homepage and download. An extract out of the general terms of transport regulating the transport on the ships is noted on the ticket.

1) Can I purchase any kind of accomodation ?

Yes, any kind of accomodation may be purchased online: cabins, seats and deck passages too (this solution will only entitle the passenger to embarkation), if scheduled (usually only during summer) and subject to availability of the accomodation requested.


2) I have purchased a ticket through the phone. How can I collect it?

Provide the ticket number communicated by the call center operator to the Tirrenia Office sited in the port for the issue of the ticket. If your email address has been provided, the purchase confirmation email printout may be used as an alternative. The ticket may also be collected before the departure date, in any port – though different from the port of embarkation.


3) Can I purchase a “Resident” ticket?



4) What about special rates for accompanying cars ?

Yes, these rates apply to phone purchases, according to required conditions.


5) Is the phone ticket valid as an invoice ?

Yes, if upon purchase all required data have been duly communicated to the operator.


6) The names of the passengers and the licence plate of the cars must be correct?

Yes. Executin the security regulations, the names of the passengers, the data referring the valid ID document as well as lable, model and licence plate of vehicles indicated on the ticket necessarily must match with with the passengers and the vehicles like to embark. This not given, the enter of the port and the embarkation get refused.


7) I have lost the ticket purchased through the phone. What shall I do ?

Immediately contact info@tirrenia.de. Then apply to the Tirrenia office in the boarding port for the issue upon payment of a duplicate of the same ticket as provided for by art. 8 of the Transport Regulations. After six months from the departure date indicated in the ticket, You will be refunded the total cost of the duplicate, subject to the fact that the original ticket has never been used.


8) I need to change the data of my tirrenia ticket purchased by fone (e. g. date of departure, type of car etc.): How does it work?

You can let modify your ticket purchased by fone sending us an email to info@tirrenia.de with your whish of change.


9) I wish to cancel a ticket purchased on the phone. What can I do ?

Just contact the Call Center and follow the instructions provided. Alternatively, you can request the cancellation of your ticket by sending an e-mail to info@tirrenia.de before the ship departure.


10) How will I be reimbursed?

Reimbursement is subject to the communication that the ticket has been cancelled before departure. The ticket reimbursement may be requested starting from the third business day after the ticket date by handing the same integral ticket back to a Tirrenia Office. In any case, the ticket reimbursement will be effected by crediting the amount due onto the credit card number provided for purchasing after deducting the following penalties net of the reservation fees or presale fees (as per art. 14 of the Transport Regulations):

- 10% for bookings cancelled by the day before departure;
- 25% for bookings cancelled on the same day of ship departure.

Please note that reimbursement will be barred after six months from departure date as reported in the ticket.


11) Obliged to cancel a ticket, how can I get back the emerging cancellation fees?

We recommend  to you together with the ticket purchase to book a traveling cancellation fee insurance. Justifys your reason for cancellation the refund of the cancellation fees from the part of the insurance, you can get back the fees emerged. For further information, click please onto SERVICES and INSURANCE.


1) What phone number might be helpful?

You may contact by Mail info@tirrenia.de our European reservation center, opened MO-FR 9 AM - 1 PM and 2PM - 6 PM and from mid January to mid September on Saturday from 10 AM to 13 PM.


2) How can I book a group reservation on Tirrenia ferries?

Bookings involving at least 20 passengers are considered group reservation. In order to arrange it, please get in touch with your trusted Travel Agency or send an email to ufficio.gruppi@tirrenia.it.


3) Can my cat/my dog travel together with us on tirrenia ships?

Yes, you can travel together with your dog/your cat. Cats must get transported in corresponding boxes or baskets of the proprietor, dogs however must be leashed always and muzzled. It is strictly forbidden to leave behind them within the ships garage. Domestic animals have access to the outdoor deck of the ship and there are dog boxes at disposition. However, they have no access to the coach seat room, other public rooms  or cabins, apart from animal cabins, the new service of tirrenia offering the possibility to book special animal cabins that are applied hygienically and equipped with all comfort. For food and care for the animals, only the proprietor is responsible while crossing over. A veterinarian health passport gets demanded attesting that the accompanying domestic animals aren´t diseased. Domestic animals get embarked only if a ticket for them is presented, the vaccination against rabies (if necessary) can get submitted with a referring vaccination passports well as a valid health attestation.


4) My car is especially tall. Shall I pay a higher fare ?

The fare for accompanying cars is the same for any car which total height is not exceeding 220 cm. The “Roulotte“ fare, which is determined by the vehicle linear meter length, is due only if the car height, including items on the top, exceeds such limit. As far as height is concerned, items such as windsurf, canoes, small boats, all kinds of baggage on the top of the accompanying car are carried free of charge, provided that the total height does not exceed 220 cm.


5) I have a gas-fuelled car.

Upon ticket purchase, you must declare if your car engine is powered with Liquefied Natural Gas or methane. Lacking such declaration, you shall loose the boarding right.


6) I have been told that on purchasing a ticket, I have to supply personal data concerning all parties included on the ticket. Am I obliged to do so ?

Yes. Italian Law (M.D. 13.10.1999), in compliance with a European Union Directive (98/41/EC), requires that full name, gender, and age to be provided concerning all Passengers.


7) Is it compulsory to print out the ticket?

It is not necessary if you travel to or from Sardinia and Sicily. Upon performing booking, by entering a valid email address, you'll receive in fact a copy of your travel title in digital form (PDF file), then it will be enough to show it off upon boarding directly from your device (tablet or smartphone).


8) I organized a trip with a group of friends. The Agent released a nominative list of all party components, advising to carry it along with me for boarding. What should I actually do with it ?

You should kindly deliver it to the personnel at the boarding port Office. In the event of an increase or decrease of the Passengers number before boarding, the Agent shall annex a new updated list to the new ticket. Similarly, in the event of change of the Passengers names, a new updated list must be prepared and handed over to the port Office.


9) Is it true that I cannot ask to have my luggage accepted aboard if I do not embark ?

It's true for security reasons. Any kind of luggage or parcel cannot be embarked unless it is accompanying a traveling passenger. This policy applies in accordance with Italian and European Community regulations on “security’.


10) After the ticket purchase I changed my car: What must I do?

Change your data referring your vehicle online or at your traveling agency. In executions of security regulations, the label, model and license plate of the vehicles indicated on the ticket necessarily must correspond to the vehicles to get embarked. This not given, the entrance to the port and the embarkation get refused.


11) How long before Embarkation must I be present?

The deadline for reporting to check-in is 30 minutes before departure time for passengers without a vehicle and 90 minutes before for those with a vehicle (Port of Genoa at least two hours before, Port of Malta at least one hour before for passengers without a vehicle).

1) When in the garage, do I have to park-brake my car ?

After parking the car in the ship garage, please engage the gear and the parking brakes.


2) Is it true that it is forbidden to get off the ship after having boarded it ?

Yes, it's true for security reasons. According to same reason, it could lead you, your luggage or your car to undergone a security check by the personnel aboard. This policy applies in accordance with Italian and European regulations on “security’.


3) Whom may I ask for information ?

At the ship Reception, the Onboard Commissioner is at your disposal for any need. You may also ask for the Comments Registry and the Praise and Complaint Book.


4) Where can I leave a valuable ?

You may deposit it, free of charge, at the Purser Office, as long as these are not bulky items.


5) Is smoking allowed ?

Smoking is solely allowed on weather decks or in open spaces aboard a ship, when this is not expressly banned for navigation security reasons. This excludes fast ships on which, obviously, it is impossible to stand in open areas. Smoking is banned in all enclosed spaces on board, which fall under the regulations established by the January 16th 2003 Italian Law, no. 3.


6) If I feel sick, Who can I contact?

On all Tirrenia passengers fleet, there is a doctor on disposal on board throughout the journey. When in need, please ask the Front Desk staff who will immediately contact your physician on board.


7) Can I get registered into a waiting list if cabins are sold out?

No waiting lists are led. You can demand at the reception of the ship if an accommodation happens to be free and purchase that directly on board.

1) What must I do if I forgot something on a ship of tirrenia?

In case of lost or forgotten objects on board, address please directly and within the same day and at best before the new departure of the ship to the information board of the ship.
Up to 10 days after you can get in touch with the arrival port office of tirrenia where found objects are stored temporarily and can get picked up by the owner. Alternatively you can contact us by the email- and contact form on the home page www.tirrenia.it on CONTACTS - CONTACT US and the object ""LOST PROPERTY OFFICE"".
Has this priod passed by the passenger as well, the found objects get sent to the general direction in Naples located Calata Porto di Massa Interno Porto snc Capannone Juta - CAP 80133, Italy.