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A vacation for those who love the wilds of nature

Far away from the chaos of the overcrowded beaches and the throng of tourists appears, settles quietly on the Adriatic sea the Archipelago of Tremiti Islands. The Archipelagio consists of five islands, San Domino,Capraia,San NicolaCretaccio and Pianosa and is the ideal traveling destination for a vacation dived into the nature. You will fall that much in love with the pearl of the Adriatic Sea that you won´t return home any more.

The relative distance to the mainland has permitted the islands of the Archipelago to keep untouched their beauty of landscape that gets reflected in multitude and peculiarity of the sea fauna and flora. The stupendous submarine of the Tremity Sea make it indeed a dearest destination for fans of snorkeling and scuba diving.

But if diving is not your cup of tea, do not fear! The finest sand and the water color Turquoise of the arena on San Domino make us consider to relax at best surrounded by a heavenly landscape.

By embarkation even in a simple rubber dinghy you can move in full freedom to the most secret angles and most hidden costs. Don´t miss a visit of the caves of San Domingo, among them the evocative Grotta delle Rondinelle, where the sun rays arrange enchanting plays of light, and the one of Bue Marino where the walls get colored by the blue of the sea by the way of water reflection.

On the contrary, if you want to deepen the history of the Archipelago, in San Nicola, the administration of Tremiti is the old Benedictine abbey Santa Maria, built around the year 1045 p. C., and the Castello dei Badiali, realized as defense facility.

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