Ferries to Tunis

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Tunisian capital

Capital city of Tunesia, Tunisi is a fascinating city where the Arabic and African traditions melt with a definitely Mediterranean face. The diverse historical heritage gets reflected in town planning and architecture by the obvious opposition between the Medina , the historic heart, and the modern Ville Nouvelle, the new city built in the beginning 20th century.

Constructed in the 7th century, the Medina is the real and proper center of the town. In 1981 the UNESCO declared it for World Cultural Heritage. If you plan a stay in the Tunesian capital, this quater is an indisputable must. The zone is really a labyrinth on its own of lanes and transit streets where the smells and voices of the merchants of the Souk dominate, the traditional market of the town where you can deals at best if your capable to negotiate with the eccentric tradesmen. Here you can purchase small souvenirs, carpets, jewels, but also spices and perfumed essences. The Medina is also the spiritual heart of Tunisi as it got developed in the surrounding of the old Moschea al-Zaytuna. Built in 732 it reached its extended charisma in the 13th century when it became an important islamic university as well.

Along the Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the main street of the city, you can breathe in the vivid and picturesque aura of the quarters of the Ville Nouvelle. Linger for a visit of the Cattedrale di San Vincenzo de Paoli, the catholic cathedral of the city, and the Teatro Municipale.

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