Change your booking without fees

Change your ticket without changing fees or park it

Book now from 22/02/2021 to 30/09/2022 your ferry crossing with Tirrenia to Sardinia or Sicily. This gives you the opportunity to change your ticket as many times as you like, with no amendment fees. If you then want to change your travel date, but the final date of your trip is not yet fixed, you can "park" the ticket and even use it in 2023!

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Rules of validity:

  • No changing fees are charged for changing the departure date, departure time, route or booking holder, only any price differences are to pay;
  • The ticket can be rebooked on a departure of the ticket holder's choice or, if the new travel date is not known, "parked", rebooked and used for departures until 31/12/2023, subject to availability;
  • Valid for Tirrenia - tickets to Sardinia and Sicily purchased in the period from 22/02/2021 to 30/09/2022;
  • The amendment must be made before the booked departure date;
  • The ticket can be parked at the latest 7 days before the booked day of departure. In the case of a booked outward and return journey, the day of the outward journey applies;
  • These changing conditions are not applicable retroactively;
  • The ticket may be changed as many times as desired;
  • A change of destination island is not possible (e.g. from originally Sardinia to newly Sicily);
  • A change from Tirrenia to MOBY or vice versa is not possible;
  • If the amendment results in a difference in favor of the customer, this will be refunded less the fees provided for in the General Conditions of Carriage;
  • These changing conditions do not apply to offers from other suppliers, special agreements or for groups.